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Garden Green

How to grow plants without the use of toxic chemicals

Common Garden Problems, and how to tackle them without using toxic pesticides

If you click on each area, you will be taken to a separate page in this website which provides information on methods and products which can help you resolve your problem. Or, you can find your way there by using the Navigation Bar at the top of the page. Hover over the words "Common Garden Problems", and the detailed list will appear.

We have pulled together many of the best resources from all around the region in a binder. As funding permits, we will make this available to retailers who wish to have a great source of information for staff and customers. All but one of the items in the binder is available in electronic form. Take a look at the table of contents below, and click on those resources you would like to see.

Table of Contents –

Garden Green Reference Binder

Last Update: April 13, 2018


  1. Powdery Mildew Color Fact Sheet


  1. A New Look For Our Yards – article by Kate Riley, Snohomish Conservation District
  2. Planting Instructions for Eco-Lawns
  3. Planting Instructions for (almost) No Mow Mixes
  4. How to Solarize
  5. Sustainable Lawn Care: Installation and Maintenance Practices for Northwest Professionals
  6. Natural Lawn Care for Western Washington – large format booklet
  7. Natural Lawn Care for Western Washington - small format booklet. Not available online
  8. 5 Steps to Natural Yard Care
  9. Natural Yard Care Through The Seasons is part of this document:


Organic Fertilizer: What Does It Mean?

Green Gardening Products and Methods That Really Work

Grow Smart, Grow Safe

About Grow Smart, Grow Safe. The information in this handout can be accessed online at


  1. Aphids, scale and whiteflies Fact Sheet This fact sheet is one of the resources located on this page:
  2. Root Weevils Fact Sheet This fact sheet is one of the resources located on this page:
  3. Tent Caterpillars Fact Sheet This fact sheet is one of the resources located on this page:

Moles, Voles and Gophers

  1. Moles
  2. Vole Management in Home Backyards and Gardens
  3. Pocket Gophers: part of this document:


Moss Fact Sheet On this page:


Make the Mulch of It


  1. Attract Beneficial Bugs!!.pdf
  2. 5 Ways to Support Pollinators & Beneficial Insects
  3. Pesticides and Pollinators
  4. What Beekeepers Can Do to Protect Honeybees


  1. Rats Fact Sheet
  2. Least-Toxic Control of Mice

Slugs and Snails
Slugs and Snails Fact Sheet
On this page:


Growing Healthy Soil booklet


  1. Watering, by Bellevue: Going Green

by Bellevue Going Green


  1. Dandelions and other Broadleaf Weeds Fact Sheet on this page:
  2. Quackgrass on this page:

If any of these links are broken, please contact Diane Emerson, of Garden Green: [email protected], Land Line Phone 206-567-5492

Green Gardening Products That Work

One of the comments we receive by retailers, and the public, is concern that green gardening products just don't work. So we found ones that do. For an overview of products only, we have published a report on Green Gardening Products that Work, for retailers. Click here to read it.

In addition, we have created a guide to Green Gardening Products or Methods that Work, for the gardening public. Please click here to read it.